Propeller provides leadership programmes in Europe or Africa under the flag of the Foundation for Natural Leadership, away from the daily hustle and back to the intrinsic basis.

Why? Because the development of leadership is an internal process that manifests itself in the outside world. Leadership programmes have a clear objective and palpable massive impact.

SWISS ALPS – June 22

From June 8th – 12th 2022 our trail goes to Wallis in the Swiss Alps. An unspoiled part of Europe with incredible views. Our basecamp is a cabin at 2000 meters and a perfect way-point to make several beautiful hikes.
For the brochure or more information contact us directly.

NORWAY – September 22

From September 4th – 10th 2022 our trail goes to Norway. Nature in its purest form. We will stay at two different location and make several hikes during the days. In the middle of the week a solo is planned to give you an incredible adventure and unforgettable insights.
For the brochure or more information contact us directly.

Whether you decide to go to the Alps or Norway. You will return energized, more balanced and with focus on what is really important to you.